Come day, Go day.

Well Folks, I thought I had myself all set up and ready to go. I joined Upwork freelancing, watched you tube advice on creating proposals… and … pooter starts giving me jip. Slow, slow, and slower!! Photoshop just wont work. Oh no!

Got advice and was told my poor feeble little laptop is just not up to the job. Minimum requirement for PS equals max’ capacity. Oh Lordy, what to do? Crowdfunding? Sell stuff on ebay? Pray for a miracle? See if the devils interested in my soul?

Then my nephew comes to the rescue, tells me he is selling his gaming laptop. It turned out to be everything I needed, i7, NVIDIA graphics, two hard drives! Wow! Plus, an Intuous graphic pad, … a fancy wancy jobby with special quick keys. So… its all systems go again. Can’t believe my good fortune. Thank you Adam. Wuhay!

And, and, I have also attended a SCBWI’s masterclass in London. That was fun. And, and, I have also registered for a Picture Book Creating weekend later this year.

So, forgive me all. I’m going to go and make the acquaintance of my new poot.


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